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Photobooths in the New York Times!

Party animals, socialites, birthday bashers, and those far and few between may have noticed that the popularity of photo booths has exploded, as of late. It looks like the New York Times has recognized this expanding interest in the exceptional party accessory as well.

Last week the New York Times posted an article about the emergence of photo booths on the social scene. Their verdict: photo booths are a hit! 

The article explains the nostalgic presence of the memory-creating contraption that mixes surprisingly well with today’s faced paced social media obsessed world, thus creating a unique experience for partygoers everywhere. As people continue to notice how this one-of-a-kind party activity can tip the scales in favor of an awesome party experience, more and more event coordinators and festivity throwers are recognizing the potential for photo booths to keep their guests entertained for hours on end.

People are constantly on the look out for new and exciting ways to entertain and thrill their guests, and the photo booth fits the bill perfectly. A photo booth not only provides fun, charm, and artistic creativity but it also leaves all participants with a small memento of the fun times that were had. 


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